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I’m also 等一個人咖啡

Those who know me well will know that I have an immense love for Taiwanese author 九把刀 since 2007.

It all started when GINO (from K-ONE), who was my one and only bias then, mentioned that he really loved this author.

That time my only thought was “why is the name so weird” (literally means nine knives) but I happened to chance upon his book in the library one day and decided to give it a try.

That one book began the 7 year love and I’ll save and scrimp just to buy his books. They were a source of comfort to me during my lows.

I can launch into a long story of why I love him and his books soo much but I’ll provide a short summary.

His books span such a wide range of genres and it’s totally brilliant how he can excel in all.

Also, I totally agree with his beliefs and ideas (cos they are so similar to mine). I get a lot of inspiration and motivation from him (:




When he first came to SG many years ago, I’ll go to alllll his scheduled talks, meet the author sessions hahahaha. Ive never displayed such loyal fangirling to anyone else haha.

Super happy when he still recognised me when he came again 1 or 2 years later (spoken like a true fangirl).

In any case, Im extremely excited cos the first book I read (and my all time fav) is turning into a movie and will be released next month!!


There’s really no point in describing how I feel about this book. Cos i dunno how to do it.

All I can say that this book has inspired me so much and it’s my go to book when Im feeling down or need a pick me up.

It taught me about respecting difference, diversity, finding the best in people and the importance of being genuine and true to yourself.

It’s no self-help book lol (:

The movie adaption is no new news but I deliberately kept away from it to avoid spoilers and dying of anticipation.

(okay I gave in and watched the trailers!)

I think it’s one of the movies that you will enjoy even more if you have read the original novels first. The trailers may seem a little haphazard to those who are not familiar with the content but… /thumbs-up

Ohh 九把刀 is ALSO the director — TALENTED MAX.

Now it’s gonna be out in theatres in SG on Sept 4!!

Anyone wants to watch it with me?(:

p.s. I also wanna meet someone like 阿拓 ^^

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