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I guess I’m nerdy?

To compensate for the amount of human interaction on a normal day, I totally go into my hermit mode at the end of the day and most of the time I completely switch off x.x
The only company I crave is … non human, aka my books and music. Can’t wait to get home and continue reading and somehow today I’m in a mood for Korean history.

I guess I’m nerdy in that way. I’m never the very sociable type but I can be. Just that ill always need to balance that out with some alone time. Ok maybe more than some.

Maybe that’s why foreign languages appeal to me so much as a hobby. It’s a nice balance of opening my eyes to a wider world, making more friends etc and at the same time its a very loner activity hahahaha

Ok I’m talking nonsense.


Studying Japanese last weekend. My mum looked at my notes and said my handwriting looks like it’s printed out. Lolol. And she told me not to write so neatly and started to disturb me until I eventually fumbled -.-

Left with around 80 pages for the Japanese novel and I think I’m really getting faster?!!!
Probably only been 2 weeks or so since I started?!

Totally enjoying the book!! (:

Thinking about comfort zones again and I’m wondering if I’m kinda stepping back into my comfort zone for both languages…..

Thinking about the next leap forward.
I may get a non fiction book for Japanese next.

And for Korean……

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    21 April, 2014 at 8:32 PM

    Your handwriting does look very neat! Yes for language learning we have to sit down and study for so long so that we can use the language in conversation haha. I’m jealous. I can’t wait to get to a level where I can begin to read Korean novels ^^

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    22 April, 2014 at 1:51 AM

    I do love you handwriting! I often need time alone with my Japanese textbooks because human relationships sometimes make me crazy XD

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    22 April, 2014 at 4:40 AM

    i’m enjoying japanese novels too. i think it depends on the book as to how fast you finish it. like iread natsu to habai to watashi no shitai (something lke that) by otsuichi in like 3 days while for yume wo kanaeru by mawata risa in like 2 months lol…. if ihad to rate by stars it would 4/5 for the former and 1.5/5 for the latter. I finished both but of course for yume kanaeru i had to do my skim/skip reading inthe middle because it got unbearable. I’ve read other books by mawata risa that i liked so it was unexpected that it took me that long to get rhough it.

    i remember mentioning otsuichi to you before and i totaly do recommend it. i think his writing style is pretty easy to understand and he doesn’t use big fancy words or idioms not that his writing style is boring or bad or anythin glike that. it’s easy to read in a good way. i would check out any of hhis books that won awards. for the book i recently finished by him it had 2 stories in it. the setup completely engrossed me and i just had to find out how it ends and of course i couldn’t predict it. he definitely foreshadowed stuff but i didn’t predict it so i thought it was well done. he was only 17 when he wrote it so I’m so so impressed.

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    2 May, 2014 at 5:53 PM

    ‘Maybe that’s why foreign languages appeal to me so much as a hobby. It’s a nice balance of opening my eyes to a wider world, making more friends etc and at the same time its a very loner activity hahahaha’ That comment…is my life O_O
    I learn Spanish and Korean and it allows me to learn about the histories of Korea (North and South) and hispanic america!
    Thank you so much for your blog and sharing all with us ^^ I always read it keke

    And yes your handwriting is amazing O_O

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      4 May, 2014 at 11:05 PM

      Thanks Kaycey!! 😀 😀 Wow Spanish and Korean! I tried learning Spanish but didn’t get anywhere with it. Probably because I don’t get much input in Spanish ><

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