1 In Thai Learning Journey :)

Hello new language – Thai!

Sometimes, it’s just fate 🙂 I’m a believer of fate, of things falling in place when the right time comes. Same for my language learning journey. My brain tells me to aim to add a new language every 4 years or so, after reaching a reasonable proficiency in the previous one. Thai was somewhere in the list – the interest sparked after a short work trip to Bangkok in 2019 (I want to go back on my own!) and I always have a thing for languages with a non roman alphabet writing system.

But fate says otherwise.

It all started with the Thai Drama “Love Destiny“, which is airing on the TV. My mum was watching the Chinese dubbed version and she told me about it. I was like oh ok…. and to be honest I was like ?!! when I first watched a bit of the drama with her. I didn’t like it at first because I thought the plot was rather slow – hahahaha for those curious I was watching the scene of her possibly just transported back in time to olden days Thai and she was trying to tell the servants she needs the toilet (lol) and it was a looooong scene of her being led to the toilet outside and being served some leaves when she asked for toilet paper LOL.

I told my mum I am not going to watch the drama with her hahaha. But another day, I just happened to catch a full episode with her and ok I’m totally in. Like I TOTALLY LOVE THIS DRAMA kind of in. So that further sparked the interest in learning Thai but I didn’t plan to do so immediately.

(lol this is such a long-winded story)

But one day, my mum told me she bought two books for learning Thai a couple of weeks back hahahha. I still posted it on Insta and claimed that I wasn’t the one who is studying Thai. And one fine day, I picked it up just to browse through. And decided I should try learning the alphabet only for fun.

And so I’m in. 🙂 I doubt I will just stop at the alphabet, because now I’m in the phase of listening to Thai songs all day lolol. I love this burst of motivation.

This is the (long) backstory of how I started Thai.

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    25 April, 2020 at 12:18 AM

    Even your Thai handwriting is soooo nice! I have hard time writing them nicely!!!

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