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Before going Chinatown, I went to Great World City (: I’m really happy to find the 2 items that I’ve been wanting to try for the past 2 weeks or so! That is… Larabars and Fage Yoghurt! Well, both items are not so widely available in Singapore yet. Situated in the central area, the mall caters to the large numbers of expats living nearby. Thus I was able to find both items in their Cold Storage! (:

Tried the Fage 2% yoghurt with Cherry dip. I didn’t really like the cherry taste, and I’m really glad it’s in another compartment so I don’t have to eat it. But the yoghurt itself is marvelous. This is the first time I ate Greek yohurt. Although I wasn’t so used to its thicker texture at first, I’m beginning to appreciate it. It’s sugarless and that’s the best thing i love about it. My current yoghurt contains 29.9g (!!) of sugar per 175ml of serving. :/ Although Fage tasted a little on the plain side, I rather not take the sugar.

Fage Yoghurt

Fage Yoghurt

It’s really expensive though.. 120g + 30g(cherry dip) did a damage of $4.80 to my already dented wallet. Gosh, my current yoghurt costs $6.75 per tub of 1 KILOGRAM. I’ll have to settle for something in between – less sugar, more affordable. Any recommendations?

As for Larabars, the mart didnt have much flavours to choose from. Apart from the ones I bought, they had the lime and cherry flavours too. I’m more partial to the nutty flavours though.. 

Each bar costs $3.90 (!!!) wow seriously.. I’m broke. Sometimes I wonder if I’m better off just mixing a bowl pistachios, almonds and dates – tada! I have a self-made larabar. the ingredients are the same! haha anw I still like to try them. I haven’t eaten any yet, shall post more about it another time!

I love supermarkets. (: Great World City’s Cold Storage outlet is especially good. They have so much cool foodstuff that I spent over an hour looking around in there.

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