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Happy Hangul Day~!


해피 한글날!! ^^

Hangul Day is to commemorate the invention of Hangul by King Sejong. A huge statue of him stands at Gwanghwamun in Seoul. I’ve been there on several occasions and all I say is that the view is breathtaking. King Sejong is someone whom I really respect ^^

It’s drizzling lightly when I took the photo, so excuse the foggy quality ^^’;;

Once, I sat down in front of the statue with a friend at night and we chatted till midnight. It felt really peaceful and the night was cool. The patrolmen glanced at us a few times, but decide to let us be since we weren’t behaving suspiciously lol. The status is lit up at night! I missed Korea. >,<


Some of you may have heard of the 훈민정음, a document that explains how the Hangul was designed and created. It has a basis in articulatory phonetics, which makes it really special.

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