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FriDate @ Everton Park | Tanjong Pagar

Afternoon out with Marsha! (Note: photoflood ahead!)

The plan was to go to BananaTreeSG cafe to take Instagram-worthy photos (lol, okay not really) but it backfired cos it was crowded and we were too hot and tired to wait. (We’ll be back!)

Ended up to be a pretty awesome day cos we ended up trying new places and discovering new gems and places to explore in our the next two-months worth of outings.

After failing to get into BananaTree (near Outram Park MRT), we walked all the way to Tanjong Pagar where we finally decided to try out Sushi Burrito @ 100AM Mall. It was a great decision, the soft shell crab roll was delicious although personally I would prefer a little less sauce.


cannot. get. the. focus. right.




Did about an hour of work (yes, I know right…) before I got too cold and we decided to explore Everton Park which we passed by along the way just now.


Pinnacle @ Duxton



Everton Park – a stone’s throw away


I must not be hip anymore (never was?). Very recently heard of the place which is essentially a HDB estate in Tanjong Pagar and now somehow turned to a hipster neighbourhood with a good blend of old-school neighbourhood shops and interesting cafes / restaurants. Someone please tell me I’m not the only one who is new to this place?


You would never know the gems hidden here unless you walk in.


Looks normal right?


Passed by an ice-cream shop and immediately, we felt compelled to go in to take a look.


How to resist? Marsha and I have very similar tastes. We immediately decided to get a scoop of Dark Chocolate ice cream to share! <3


Not too expensive too! I really like how everything is very simple there. No fancy ice-cream names, simple decor and all.


Decided to eat in store – just a long bench (fuss-free) and they even have a self-service kiosk for water. The ice-cream was of great quality – no sticky aftertaste, rich and smooth. 😀 Will definitely be back for more!


Photo from Marsha

Walked around the neighbourhood and found quite a number of cafes that look interesting. Sorry, not too many photos because I find it weird to aim the camera at people in the cafes and they probably won’t appreciate it lol.


We are punny people and appreciate a good one! We were drawn towards a western restaurant named Chew the Fat and that spun a nonsensical conversation on whose fat we should chew and so on.


From the outside!


More random photos!


Found these tiny chairs outside an interesting cafe that sells all-day brunch but were too shy to sit and take photos lol.


another random spot!











When you see a mirror – take selfies!


Marsha’s OOTD

Our attempt at OOTD shots hahaha. The area is filled with cool-looking shophouses. We were tempted (okay la my idea..) to emulate those cool ootdwithcoolshophouses photos but ohwell I won’t know how to pose anyway.

Dinner was at Yayoiken (やよい軒) back at 100AM, a chain restaurant in Japan that has outlets in SG. First tried it in Osaka (purely random decision) and found it sooooo good. Hence the excitement at seeing the same restaurant in SG!


I love these computerised ordering systems. You can just call for a staff via the button so no frantic waving of hands or trying to catch the eye of anyone!


Marsha being more interested in the dessert menu



A tray full of yums


Amber has made me ADDICTED to Kaki Fry (oysters in breaded crumbs, fried). Actually I’m addicted to Japanese oysters omg. So I knew immediately what I was going to order! The Kaki Fry set is apparently a new seasonal menu!



Big, creamy, yummy oysters. The rice was good quality too and you get to have free refill (self-service!!).




2차 after dinner was at a random cafe along the the stretch of Korean restaurants (2D1N, WA Bar etc) in Tanjong Pagar!


Tried rainbow cake for the first time ever. Sorry, but totally not interested and didn’t go oooh and ahhh over the colours. (okay I did instagramed it just like how I would with any other cake)


Meh. Not impressed. (actually just a tired face)

Taste-wise, it’s just ….. normal cake with chocolate. Lucky that they had the chocolate flavour. Would never have touched those with thick layers of cream.


One of Marsha!



Ending off with one more picture!

Yes. we just ate and ate our day away 😀

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    4 April, 2015 at 9:15 PM

    I used to stay at everton park xD the place you were at was at my block hahahah. but it wasn’t so hip then!

  • Reply
    7 April, 2015 at 10:00 PM

    HAHA, my hair cannot be tamed! It looks fine indoors but terrible outdoors. OTL

    Let’s chew some fats next time!

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