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FOOD: 추어탕/추어튀김


Ok I’m actually WALKING and blogging at the same time. This is going to be kind of sarcastic since I’m not happy about some stuff right now. Anyway that was my dinner yesterday. Mudfish boiled in a stew for so long that everything is kinda dissolved. I was like digging through in and wondering WHERE’S THE FISH. I’M CHEATED. It wasnt bad. The tempura was nice though!!!!

I HAD MUDFISH TEMPURA. Sounds cool. They even deep fried sesame leaf.


This is a disgusting pic but ohwells. What’s inside the tempura batter.


I dont like to put my own photo on the site, but there, I made an exception.


People photoshop to make themselves look nicer but oh wells. Sorry if I turned you off the dish/me. The weather is disgusting. Like Singapore.

I’m still walking. Tada. Blog post completed.

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