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Excuse me while I fangirl


OMG OMG OMG. Ever since Kang Dong Won is discharged from military service, there has been news of him choosing his next projects and supposedly there are 4 in talks. And finally, something is finalized. And I like the sound of it already.

Keywords: rebellious. martial arts. Joseon Dynasty.

I’m sold.

Icing on the cake? There’s gonna be so much awesome sexy sageuk speak. I love his tone in 전우치!

And I haven’t even start on Ha Jung Woo, who’s going to act opposite Kang Dong Won in this movie. See the Allkpop article here. The movie is called 군도 in Korean btw.

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Just look at him in the 2009 movie Jeon Woochi (The Taoist Wizard). 😀


His first post-military pictorial is going to be with High Cut. And they are pretty generous with the fan service. See the photo right at the top 😀 And there’s gonna be a series of Christmas videos featuring him. AWESOME.


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