1 In Korean Language Meetups

[EVENT] Christmas Partyyy

Are you…

  1. A Korean Learner / Korean
  2. Want to meet other Korean learners in Singapore
  3. A nice person
  4. Likes to chill and relax
  5. Talk about all things Korean

If you are all of the above, please come join us at our party!

(you can come even if you don’t fit all lolol, but just that you have to enjoy a laidback and chill event with absolutely no games / activities planned…)


It’s just a simple get-together event for Korean learners ^^ We are not teaching Korean … (I dunno how many times I have to repeat this lol.

Can’t wait for the partyyyyy! 😀

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    15 December, 2014 at 10:00 AM


    Looks like I may have come to the right place to start my journey on self learning on Korean language.

    I want to progress further into the language but finding it hard to do so, may be too busy and lack of interaction in the ground in Korean. Any advice will be appreciated.


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