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End of holidays

Oh no, today is that dreaded ‘last day of holidays’. The day has finally come and as usual, I felt that I didn’t do enough for the holidays. I didn’t rest enough, study enough etc. But I’m still pleased with some of the things I’ve done. It was around October/November that I first met up with a few friends from this blog and randomly talked about the idea of a language exchange meetup. And now, the meetup group is created and we’re going to have our first session two weeks from now! I’ve also known quite a few Korean friends in Singapore and I actually spoke in Korean alot during this holidays! Totally unexpected but I’m very happy.

Progress in Korean is slow but steady and I’m starting to learn Korean from talkshows etc. More on that in a separate post ^^

I’m also addicted to 3 dramas and currently have plans to start on another 2. Bad timing but I’ll see how >,<

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