Do you know your 띄어쓰기?

띄어쓰기 is something that plague (almost) every speaker of Korean – be it a Korean teacher or a foreign learner. I still remember how my Korean teacher at KU kept telling us that even they themselves are kinda horrible at it. It was pretty amusing when she write down some stuff on the board and the spacing was different from what was written in the textbook. Actually, sometimes I think that 띄어쓰기 may be more difficult for the Korean than the foreign learner and it has got to do with how we learn it. Koreans tend to send text messages in one whole chunk (no spacing) and tends to also be more lax when it comes to colloquial writing / chatting. On the other hand, the foreign learner is exposed to the ‘rigid textbook’ and this makes us obey the rules more strictly compared to the Koreans. Nevertheless, over the years I have problems with quite a few 띄어쓰기 rules. I’m now reading a list of common mistakes of 띄어쓰기 and here’s a few to share! 만큼: seriously, this is mind boggling. I can never remember to write them with a spacing or not. The rule – spacing after a … Continue reading Do you know your 띄어쓰기?