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Dim Sum and Cafes

Seriously, I swear Hangukdrama is turning into a food blog. (maybe this is the next phase) One thing I’m very sure is that the blog never seems to talk about dramas.

Obviously I can’t be eating everything in one day, but they shall all go into one post.

Besides L’etoile Cafe, I haven’t found any cafe in Singapore that I really like, but here’s a few new discoveries.

Books Cellar @ Bukit Pasoh

I was very excited when my friend told me about a book cafe in Singapore but come to think of it, the books there are more for decorative purpose lol. Not really a book cafe, but a cafe with bookshelves and books? I can’t pin it down but there’s something lacking in that cafe.

The drinks are decent.


Order the Minute Steak. The friend and I were discussing whether it’s minute (as in time) or minute (as in size). We came to the conclusion it’s probably the latter? Not too bad though, but expensive :/


Friend’s teriyaki chicken!


 Probably won’t go back there again.

d’Good Cafe @ Holland Village

Friend was damnnn excited when she told me about the cafe. I was staring at her in confusion when she tried to explain the amazing lift in the cafe. LIFT?!

But ya the lift turns out to be awesome. Please go there to take the lift. 😀 😀

This is the said lift. I’m very amused because it looks like a fridge and you open it the same way.


So old school that you have to keep pressing for the lift to move. If you stop pressing, the lift will stop. SO FUN.


The cafe is very pretty!! Very crowded on a weekend but still worth going. They have 3 floors and each floor’s decor is very different.

THIS CAKE IS SUPER GOOD. If you like chocolate and you like cheesecake, that is. Usually I’ll like to nibble on cakes and take very long to finish but for this one I was like NOM NOM CHOMP CHOMP.

this is why i dont write food blogs. i dunno what to say hahaha


Stayed there for really long so we ended up having dinner. Friend’s potato salad. Very egg-y. And mayo-y.


My seafood linguini. The pasta was rather over-cooked but still quite good!


I may go back there again. Maybe

Department of Caffeine @ Duxton

Very hip and cool cafe. 😀 Their staff give off the cool vibe too.

Very delish cake. It’s chocolate but slightly sourish because there is raspberry (?) I think in it. Some kind of berry haha. MUST TRY. The bottom crust holds a surprise too 😛


My elderflower and lemon (i think) drink! Very refreshing 😀


The bff doesn’t think much of their hot chocolate though D:


 Will go back again to try their food!

Too many cafes right?

Here’s some tim sum photos to balance it!

Red Star Tim Sum @ Chinatown

Had Tim Sum Breakfast (brunch?) with my favourite girls!


The fried stuff are more yummy.


The chicken thingy is very nice!! (the one with a random chicken wing)


Their steamed stuff quite normal though. x.x


Probably won’t go back there again haha.


But I had great company! 

Hope you guys enjoyed the photos. Please reaaaaad very slowly because the next post is probably not so soon 😛

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