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Bingsoo Dates 빙수빙수빙수!

I love bingsoo dates <3

One thing I really miss in Korea is the culture of having many rounds in an outing – dinner + dessert + drinks + …

I’m not a dessert person but I won’t say no to bingsoos!

Had a date with Marsha the other day and we had 부대찌개 at 토담골 in Tanjong Pagar! 😀 Yums. I used to hate the dish because sodium-rich spam and sausages aren’t my thing but now I grew to love it!!!


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Marsha’s “I look so retarded” video ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

What’s an outing without 2차?

Walked over to Toms & Toms at Icon Village and finally had the bingsoos on their new menu!


Milk Tea Bingsoo is a MUST-ORDER


Decent 팥빙수

Marsha and I fell in love with the milk tea bingsoo!! 😀 Personally, I find the original red bean bingsoo ok – I prefer the Paris Baguette version!

We loved the milk tea bingsoo so much that we decided to have another bingsoo date!


Marsha and Xing ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Yes, we belong to the type that HAVE to take photos before we eat.



Skinny Pizza’s always good – but I prefer the outlet at Raffles Place Shopping Centre

2차 at Toms and Toms again. We ordered 3 bingsoos at one go but it proved to be too much

배 터졌다.

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Finding the right angle



my lazy photography. JUST SNAP.

Brought the Diana F+ along to try. I’m totally not a Instax kinda person. I know a lot of girls have like a nicely decorated wall of photos and Instax prints (you get the idea) but that’s so not me >< But hehe it’s fun to have physical prints to look at!

I also learnt that Lomography is different from Instax cameras. It requires a lot more skills, which erm I lack haha. ><;;;

My first instant prints!


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