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[Accommodation Review] Loft 8 Hongdae

Look no further if you are looking for an accommodation / hostel / guesthouse in Hongdae, Seoul.

Best place in my opinion.

To be honest I really don’t know which term to use – it’s way above normal guesthouse or hostel quality but affordable unlike hotels. So I’ll go with the term they use – micro suites

I started searching for a place to stay in my week long visit to Seoul with the following in mind:

A comfortable, private room located in a convenient place, on the main street, preferably on ground floor with free wifi and obviously it must still be affordable.

Sounds like a lot?

I got what I wanted and more at Loft 8.

When I first found Loft 8 at Booking.com, I knew this was the place for me. Just look at the pictures!

But I had to admit that I was slightly apprehensive. Those who have experience searching for accommodation (such as gosiwon lol) in Korea will know that pictures lie and the photographers seem to have like god-like skills >< They can make everything look spacious and good lol. Also, Loft 8 was newly opened (around June 2014) and I wasn’t sure if everything was as good since there weren’t much reviews of that place.

But I worried too much.

The Building


View from the front desk

Located on the main street within a 5-6 min walk from Hongdae Station Exit 3, it’s easy to find the place. The building has at least 2 stories (I never went up).To be honest, I found the directions a little confusing. Here’s the easier version – Walk out of Exit 3, turn to 60 degree to your right and you should see 16OZ Coffee (a cafe), walk toward that place and continue going on the street all the way till you pass the Chinese restaurant and walk further on until you see the Ginseng place (there is a super big statue of 2 ginseng lol) and you will reach the place!


View from exit 3


along the street.


Cafe along the way

The Staff

The lady at the frontdesk on weekdays daytime is AWESOME. She was really helpful and I felt very comfortable talking to her (knowing me, that’s pretty rare lol). She can speak excellent English, Korean, Chinese and Cantonese (I don’t know if there are more). She really made the stay enjoyable for me and on the last day, she actually helped me drag the luggage all the way to the Hongdae subway station gantry. I really appreciated the extra extra miles she went.  Loft 8 is owned by a Korean couple and I love how they are not very intrusive but still very friendly.

The Atmosphere

People usually keep to themselves and even the kitchen and pantry is relatively quiet 😀 Awesome place for people who likes their peace and quiet and privacy.


Breakfast is provided from 8.30am to 10.00am and consists of bread, cereal, orange juice, jam/butter. Super good I think! Even the presentation looks nice 😀 The kitchen has a toaster, coffee pot, water dispenser and utensils – basically everything you need.


Cereal. I love how everyone is very neat here!!


100 marks for presentation!!

Oh, there is a washing machine to do your laundry (I think it’s free?)


I really love the kitchen!!! There are rooms on the right (from where I’m standing as I took the picture – front door on the left) but no worries because it’s totally not noisy. I love how everyone is very considerate. I stayed right opposite the front door (on the right of pic)! (:


Cozy place

The Room

They have 4 types of room and every room looks slightly different I guess. They are as nice as what you see on the Booking.com site!! 😀 To prove that, here are my pictures. (although you can argue that my x100s makes everything looks nice too lol)

I had a twin room! 😀 Two beds all to myself. One bed for myself, one bed for my stuff lol.


The toilet!




Super comfortable hotel-like bed 😀

All in all, I had an awesome time and I’m always looking forward to going back to Loft8 every night 😀 I even go back sometimes in the afternoon to rest and watch tv.

Speaking of TV, I love how they have a flat screen tv in each room!! 😀 With cable channels too – service is awesome.

Each room has it’s own high tech electronic lock – no need to worry about losing keys! You can request for them to change the password for you.

Minor Grumbles

1. It said that toiletries were provided but it was not specified. They only provide shampoo and rinse and hand soap and towels. No body soap ^^

2. I found it strange that they had a sign on the frontdesk with the front door passcode in full view. Weird cos sometimes strangers may ring the bell to come in to enquire stuff – what if they see the passcode?


That being said, I still had a very very enjoyable stay there (I am super particular, so if I said it’s enjoyable, it is haha). Looking forward to going back there again next trip!

Loft 8 Website

Loft 8 @ booking.com 

Tips for choosing a guesthouse/hostel:

1. Choose one by the main road where possible. Main streets are brightly lit and safer at night. Also, roads in Korea are rather bumpy and full of slopes – you won’t want to drag your luggage down/up a slope in an alley, trust me. (my friend did that)

2. Best if they have their own building or is located on the ground floor. You won’t want to drag your luggage up the stairs.

3. Hongdae is a good place, It’s on the airport AREX line, convenient and relatively affordable too. Personally I’ll prefer it over Namdaemun, Myeongdong etc

4. Choose a place near the subway station.

5. Look at maps.naver.com for the streetview to see how the place and the surroundings are like!

Leave me a comment if you like the review or if you have any questions! 😀

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    29 July, 2014 at 8:00 AM

    Hi, just wondering roughly how much did you pay per night for the twin room?

    • Reply
      29 July, 2014 at 8:39 AM

      you can check the cost if you go to booking.com! (: I’m not sure if they charge differently for peak / off peak season!

  • Reply
    Young Ajummah
    29 July, 2014 at 8:52 AM

    This is a great review! Thanks so much for it! I’ve been planning on going to Seoul for a little while now and was wondering where I could stay.

  • Reply
    2 August, 2014 at 11:12 AM

    Hey! Wow that’s great, and I’m getting to stay with my friend’s family that’s in the 마포구 중동 area. I’m very excited! I do have a question though, taking the subway to there shouldn’t be too difficult right? I’m still nervous that I won’t do something right or whatever.

  • Reply
    Jamie LEe
    3 November, 2014 at 1:10 AM

    Is elevator available?

    • Reply
      9 November, 2014 at 9:12 PM

      dont think so!

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