2 In Japanese learning journey (:

A Good Reading Day

Five days into 2021 and I’m in such a big Japanese-learning mood. It’s been a long time since I had the energy/time/motivation to sit down for hours at one go to do some reading. While it’s not about the number of hours, but I was very happy to be able to concentrate and really immerse myself in the story.

I have to thank Demon Slayer for igniting that Japanese-learning passion again 🙂 I have been so out of touch with anime released in the past couple of years, but I’m so glad I gave Demon Slayer a chance and wow I’m addicted. If there’s any anime recommendation (released over the past 4-5 years), please let me know!!

Sat down and read about 80-odd pages of the first instalment of Demon Slayer’s light novel and now I’m at page 99. I’m not sure about you, but usually I find it super hard to continue reading when I set a goal for myself (i.e. to reach page 99). I always want to stop a few pages short of the goal hahaha. So I try not to think so much about the “goal” and just continue reading until I’m tired.

I love how the light novel follows the anime very closely and I can imagine certain scenes in my head as I read the story. ♡ I usually start reading without any background music but when I start to feel a little restless and tired, I will play music in the background. I grew up listening to Rediffusion 丽的呼声 when I was a kid. It’s a Singapore commercial radio programme where back in the days, you needed to subscribe and get a radio set to tune in. I always remember the black bulky radio set in my living room and I studied while they air programmes telling wuxia stories (with self-made sound effects lolol) and ghost stories. So I think this is why I have a high tolerance of sounds while studying. I can tune out most things. The funny thing is that I cannot study with those relaxing cafe background music, but I can blast kpop dance tracks and concentrate well 🙂

My current playlist is old Taiwan drama OSTs. Think 王子變青蛙,惡作劇之吻,命中注定我愛你。I always think that that was the golden era of Taiwanese dramas. Guess it’s a sign of turning old – always thinking that my generation’s stuff were the best. (My mum says the same of hers!)

Listening to this now. Omg the feels!

I am doing my “double-reading” method for this book and I’m learning so much from it! (sidetrack: I will write about the method another day again) I can see myself highlighting less and less with each passing chapter and this makes me very happy.

I bought four Demon Slayer light novels (鬼滅の刃 ノベライズ) so far and nooooo please don’t tell me if I have bought the full set (suspect not). Don’t let me know. hahaha let me finish what I have first. Although I cannot finish collecting the Psycho Pass novels cos a couple are no longer in print…. ok no no.

I’ve finished watching the anime, so I’m now watching 文豪ストレイドッグス on Netflix. And yes I’M ADDICTED. Actually Bungo Stray Dogs is closer to the “type” of anime I like, so I’m actually surprised I love Demon Slayer. I love Bungo Stray Dogs too and I will want to get the novels next time. The number of unread Japanese novels at home is making me feel like a hoarder haha. The only small comfort is that I bought a lot of them in Bookoff, so they weren’t that expensive. But still.

I can’t wait to finish the first Demon Slayer book! I need to get back into Japanese reading mode (and speed).

Till next post!

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    18 January, 2021 at 9:24 AM

    Hunter x Hunter, Black Butler and Skip Beat are some of my favorites! Not exactly new, but they’re still ongoing. I’m not caught up with them because I like to take a break and then go back and binge read the chapters every year or so. I’m experimenting with reading now so I’m really intrigued with your double reading method. Also in the same boat of holding back from buying more books until I’ve read the ones I’ve already gotten lol

    • Reply
      19 January, 2021 at 12:04 PM

      Hunter x Hunter!! Love it 🙂 The other two have always been on my list, but haven’t got to watching them yet. heh yes I know what you mean about binge reading. I hate it when I have to wait every week for something new.

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