1 In Korean Language Meetups/ Korean learning journey (:

A day of eating, chilling and talking

The title basically describes how the meetups I organise are like! Hehe fitting to my character. Some may find it boring (what?! All you do is eat and chill?!) but oh well, that’s how we roll (:

Had a really good time on Sat!! Met loads of old friends, made some new ones and talked a lot! ^^ It’s always amazing how we manage to be so comfortable with each other despite not meeting up for a year or so. Those who joined the meetup for the first time also says it’s not awkward at all. Seriously, most people become part of the “old crowd” the second time round (:

If I’m not swamped by all sorts of ****, there will be another meetup next month… hopefully?

Ohh, and I’m pretty happy to be giving a talk this Sat! Ok la not a major event or what, but I’m kinda like a “guest speaker” of some sorts! Yay! (: When I was a kid, I used to HATE public speaking. But now I’m ok with it. And sometimes I even like it – especially if it’s a topic I’m interested in. So I’m good with Korean speech contests lolol and this time Ill be talking about travelling to Korea!!
Can someone ask me to give a talk on language learning???? I have a lot to say 😄😄😄

(Photos uploaded later kkkk)

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    18 April, 2014 at 4:42 PM

    Late comment, but it was fun just eating, chilling and talking! My style too, haha. ^^ Can’t wait for the next one~ ♥

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