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A break and a milestone

I love the Korean word and concept 힐링. While it comes from the English word “healing”, it takes on a different meaning – to take a break mentally / physically. It can be used in phrases such as 힝링이 된다 to describe how something / someone gave you comfort / is a form of relaxation.

That’s how I feel about this weekend. Had a staycation with a good friend and I felt that the 24 hour break gave me so much comfort and “healing”. It gave me some alone time (with my thoughts) and allowed me to really focus on the present and myself. A change of environment always does me some good cos it feels like I can “restart” myself.

Brought a Korean novel with me and I was surprised by how well I could concentrate on reading. It’s been really a long while since I have enough time and energy to really sit down and read a foreign language novel.

Read about 90 pages and yay I finally finished another Korean novel!!

I’m reading 해리 by 공지영. Bought this two-volume novel a couple of months back. Those who know me would know that I LOVED the novel (and movie) 우리들의 행복한 시간, by the same author. 우행시 was the first Korean novel I knew about – cos the Yonsei Reading 6 series featured it. And it was probably one of the earliest (or perhaps even first?) novel that I owned. I bought 해리 without even knowing what the novel was about (lol I’m totally the type that “follows” authors).

Well, I’m glad I bought them. I’ve only finished Book 1 thus far and woah it has been a gripping read. If you are interested, you can Google and find out more about the book and the synopsis.

The last Korean novel I read was probably a few years ago ahhahahah (I’m terrible), so this is really a big personal milestone for me. It’s strange how I tend to read a lot more non-fiction and news articles in Korean. But I’m still glad to say that all the accumulated effort over the past few years (not much compared to my earlier years of learning Korean) has still paid off. I am highlighting fewer new vocabulary and even though there were some words I didn’t know, I am still able to follow the narrative with ease.

Ok, time to read book 2 🙂

I will be back again.

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