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#9 Kumamoto Castle

It’s Nov and I’m still blogging about the Japan/Korea trip in May!

Continuing from our onsen experience in Beppu, we decided that the next day, we would go to Kumamoto!


Trying to make sense of the trains!

I love Japanese trains <3 They have soooo many different types and it’s no wonder that there are people who are really into them.


Arrival at Kumamoto! The city’s quite quaint and quiet and I love that there are so many open spaces.


Trams!! ^^

We were supposed to get on a Kumamoto Castle loop bus and we hoped on one which listed “Kumamoto Castle” on its destination board.


After 45 mins, we were cruising through small neighbourhoods and seemed increasingly further from our destination. Decided to ask the driver and found out that it doesn’t go to the castle!! Super epic. But it was a fun journey to look at all the scenery!

Stopped by a small bakery and the nice owner gave us directions which I tried my best to comprehend. Just say HAI and nod and nod some more. I think the plus one was quite dubious of my comprehension skills and that made me even more paranoid hahaha.

(oh apparently we asked a petrol kiosk guy for directions first, but I can’t recall at all. The plus one has a good memory)


I loveeeee all these streets!!


The plus one always in front of me. Happy to see that we were in the right direction!


THIS was the bus we were supposed to take hahaahaha.


😀 so cute!


Finally at the castle!

But first, conquer the stairs.


I think there were people who wore heels here. I hope they didn’t break anything ><


The castle!!

I love the lush greenery! The souvenir shop was pretty good. Well, when you have the Kumamoto bear, everything looks cute. I love the samurai swords though.


It’s so hard to take a photo of the castle ><


This is so funny. The ninjas are supposed to be there for tourists to take photos WITH, but instead many of them are being asked to take photos, without being included!


Visitors could go up the right tower (okay this is probably the wrong term). IT.WAS.SO.TIRING.


STAIRS. AND MORE STAIRS. There were many people so you had to queue up neatly and you can’t just stop halfway because it was super crowded. It was probably like 6 levels or something and on a few levels, there were some exhibitions. We didn’t stop to look, since both of us were not familiar with the history etc.


View from the top!


I love it when you are both the ancient and modern in one photo.


The place is huge and had quite a number of attractions besides the castle. We decided to visit Former Hosokawa Residence, which was also housed in the compound. I wished I could tell you more, but I’m really not familiar with the history, so please google instead.


The residence was REALLY BIG. Sorry but that was my key takeaway.

hehehe I love this part of the house. Reminds me of the house in Hotaru no Hikari where the female lead likes to just chill and goro-goro here too.


I really love such houses!
Ahh, would be awesome to just sit under the tree in spring and watch the world go by~

Next up! Lunch was sashimi, but not fish~! Guess what we ate?

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