2 In Audio Blog 말하기 연습/ Korean learning journey (:

8 years of learning Korean

8 Jan 2008.

This was when it all started.

Why do I feel like a girlfriend who has forgotten an important anniversary? HAHA

Jokes aside, it’s been 8 whole years since I first started learning Korean.

I never had any relationship with an object / human being (outside of family) for that long, so don’t ask me how it feels like to celebrate such as long anniversary.

But I guess I would feel emotional, as I do now.

Like I always said, I am always grateful to have learnt Korean. Even if there are days I felt otherwise, in the end, I know that deep down, it has given me a lot. Things and people that I would never trade for anything else.

I still remembered how when I told people around me I was going to self study (and not continue language classes), everyone gave me skeptical looks and probably thought I was just going to give up.

Well, I thought I might too.

But I’m still here, loving self study more than ever.

I would be honest and say that I am super envious of people who can go take up classes in Korea (I actually never attended a proper semester of intensive 어학당 lessons).

I have always wondered about the ‘what-ifs’.

Would I have been a lot better in Korean given a chance to go for such lessons?

I won’t know the answer, but instead of focusing on what I can’t have, I would rather just double my efforts in self-studying.

Earlier on, I did a random periscope video (now deleted) but I decided to record an audio blog again. Just wanted to record down some of my thoughts and my voice at this point in time. I’m glad I did make a few audio blogs over the years so I could listen to them again and laugh at my horrendous pronunciation and mistakes in retrospect.

HAHAHA omg I’m listening to it now and I sound so bad. :/

I would say thank you in advance if you finish listening to 11 mins of my voice HAHA.

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    11 January, 2016 at 1:29 AM

    I did listen to the entire file -thanks :). Congratulations on your 8rh year anniversary of self-studying Korean. You are truly inspirational.

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    11 January, 2016 at 1:32 AM


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