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#8 Onsen is the best!

Not many photos here since I can’t possibly take photos in the compound.

Because everyone would be all flesh and no threads!

I can’t believe I love onsen soooooo much now. All because of Amber. Initially (and since forever), I am very not used to the idea of public baths and I cannot comprehend how people can just bath together in a common area. But Amber suggested it during the previous trip, somehow coaxed me into it and now I’m TOTALLY IN LOVE WITH IT.

Like seriously. On tiring days at work, I would dream of just soaking in the water and just let all the worries slip away.

So I was really looking forward to the onsens in Beppu, supposedly natural and all awesome! The plus one and I are really quite slack travellers; we refuse to do any research and would simply do a cursory google search. The number of choices were overwhelming and after eliminating the mountain ones (haha okay it’s just me…), we settled for Hyotan Onsen, which supposedly had pretty good reviews.

Along the streets. I love Beppu, it’s just so quaint and quiet!


Finally reached Hyotan!


It was a good soak, but the place was pretty underwhelming compared to the one I went with Amber in Osaka (which had at least 6 indoor pools and 6 outdoor ones with different colours / types) but at least this one was all natural.

The plus one didn’t want to go to an onsen at first but I think I had her converted. I think?

Wanted to have dinner in the onsen but couldn’t find the restaurant and doesn’t seem like they have much choices anyway. Settled for a small restaurant and sat at the counter.

The place was run by a middle-aged couple and it’s just so cool to see how they manage the whole place on their own! We were lucky to get a seat and managed to order something since they had run out of many ingredients already and were near to closing time!


Simple quaint menu!

Ginger highball! I make it a point to try as many highball as possible in Japan but nothing beats Yuzu Highball!!!

Yummy food!!


Looks simple, but it was good. 😀

This was Beppu’s speciality. Some kind of thick-cut noodle in broth.

Beppu >>> Kumamoto next!


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