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#5 Onwards to Fukuoka

The day in Namhae passed really quickly and soon it was time to wake up at 5am to get ready to leave the pension house by 5.30am.

Can’t express my gratitude enough to all the kind people we met in Namhae! <3 The pension owner offered to drive us to the terminal at 5.30am, which really saved us a lot of trouble and worries <3 <3

Super grateful!

Took the first bus to Busan where I totally KO-ed during the entire bus journey and found myself arriving in Busan earlier than expected (thanks to the empty roads and apparently very erm experienced driving lol).

Stupid question I asked an ajusshi when I just woke up “여기 부산이에요?”


A subway ride and a long walk later, we finally reached the Busan Ferry Terminal. We were going to take the Beetle ferry to Fukuoka!


Side story! Fukuoka wasn’t in our plans at all when we booked the plane tickets to Korea but after looking at the extremely expensive accommodations in Namhae and a lack of interest to spend some time in Busan, we decided WHY NOT JAPAN. And this is how we ended up spending a bulk of our time on the road (and sea).

Booking the Beetle ferry was another funny story. We totally wing it and booked via the Japanese site. My Japanese isn’t all that good and the plus one doesn’t even know Japanese. But somehow I did a quick search and she ended up booking the tickets. After a hilarious session of calling each other and sending screenshots to and fro, we managed to click some buttons and got the tickets, and even managed to get green seats (the more private cabin) for the first leg of the journey.


yay to private cabin! With drinks and a sandwich served.


Sandwich was pretty yums but I don’t remember much of the journey since I slept through the journey. hahaha. Which was good since I was initially very worried about being seasick ><

Checked into our Airbnb apartment, which was very conveniently located along the main street just a few minutes walk from Hakata Station. We specifically wanted to stay near there because it’s the place where we can take the JR lines on day trips etc. First experience with Airbnb was a success!

Loved the apartment and would highly recommend it to people who are thinking of going to Fukuoka!

First stop in Fukuoka was Tenjin, to do some shopping and have dinner since it was already quite late.

Stepped into the first arcade we could find. I loveee looking at claw machines!


Krunk YG Big Bang claw machines 😀


I want the GD one!!


On a side note, I’m loving Bae Bae <3

Time for purikura!


So sad the machine lied to us. We can never look so pretty.

Okay more like it’s our own fault hahaha.


Of course, I can never go to Japan without playing Gachapon at least once hahaha. Or more like a few times. I love love love those machines.

Featuring my favourite Fuchiko and Gudetama hahaha.


Got both the chopsticks and the pan one! <3 Lucky!!



Love all these makeshift stalls!


This reminds me that I haven’t even finish blogging about Osaka 2015 LOL.


All the shopping! Parco has quite a number of my favourite brands (can go look see look see) and Tenjin Core, a nearby mall, has more affordable brands (go buy go buy). Some favourites in Tenjin Core include INGNI and Emsexcite.

SHIT I actually googled to put the links in this post and now I’m looking at clothes……..


Love walking along the streets in Japan <3


Dinner was at Ichiran (一蘭)! Craving satisfied.


Psst. Finish the whole bowl of ramen to see what is written at the bottom of the bowl ^^

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