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한글 파크 Hangul Park – the place to go for Korean learners

I can’t believe I haven’t blogged about this place yet. It’s as though I want to keep it as a hidden gem.

Actually, I can’t believe that you haven’t heard of this place before this blog post.

It’s a heaven for Korean language learners ♡. I mean, bookstores in Korea are already awesome. But a bookstore with all the Korean textbooks and resources?? Like seriously, who thought of this genius idea.

I paid a visit to said heaven with Becca and Jeannie on a fine night last year and now it’s finally time to blog about it and share this awesome place with allllll the Korean learners!


(Becca and Jeannie, I miss you gals!)

Ashley’s for dinner, just because. hahaha Jeannie’s all time favourite place. I think I ate at Ashley’s twice during the trip. 😛

Took a walk around the neighbourhood and somehow we found ourselves at Hangul Park! The most apt place for three Korean learners 🙂 It’s actually a rather small and inconspicuous place, but really, once you stepped in…. 🙂 Happiness x 100.

I wish that’s my house. Row and rows of books 🙂 Becca picking her books.

Jeannie being absorbed in a 한국어 문법 book.

I love how they do not just carry Korean textbook titles, but rather almost everything to do with the Korean language. This means books on Korean linguistics (OMG LOVE) and Korean literature. Can I have everything please.

Looking at the picture reminds me of how much I love linguistics 🙂

Look. at. all. those. books.

More books.

 I’ve reviewed Korean Made Easy and it’s a great book. I think I convinced Becca to buy it that day. 😛

Enough said. <3

Jeannie looking through a Korean grammar dictionary! I had it and it was a good book! 😉

 Becca gamely posing for me hahaha.   lolol these girls are the best 🙂

I’m pretty sure this will be on your to-go list of places for the next Korea trip!

If you are not planning to head over to Korea anytime soon, they have an online store too. Check out their opening hours and address in the link below.


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