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한국어 시험 part 1

Had our oral/listening test yesterday. It was.. not too bad. During the free conversation part, our 선생님 asked us 3 different questions each. Mine was:

1. 왜 한국어를 배워요?

대답: 한국 드라마를 아주 좋아해요.

2. 어떤 드라마를 좋아해요?

대답: <마왕>.

3. 아. . 배우 좋아해요?

대답: 네! 엄태웅을 아주 좋아해요. (:

HAHA. I end up declaring my love for him. :X that was quite dumb, i sound like a crazy idol fan. haha and during the whole thing, i keep using 좋아해요! wahaha.

I just finished studying a chapter. A little confused over the use of “은/ㄴ/는 데요”. I need to look at more examples.

time flies

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    2 February, 2014 at 6:34 PM

    I’m more confused with the ㄹ/을 and 이/가 particles..

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