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솔선수범: Leading by example

Working on the Ewha 6 Korean textbook now and learning more 사자성어 (4 character idioms). heehee I feel so blessed to know Chinese. Since these idioms originate from Chinese idioms, I have no problems remembering them hahahaha.

Anyway was googling one of the idioms 솔선수범 and came across this quote!

“모든 일에는 근본(本)이 있고 말단(末)이 있습니다. 임금은 마땅히 자신의 마음부터 바르게 함으로써 조정을 바르게 하고, 조정을 바르게 함으로써 백관을 바르게 하고, 백관을 바르게 함으로써 만민을 바르게 하는 것입니다.”

Quote from 율곡, a famous Korean scholar


I wanted to translate it but I think I’ll end up butchering the sentence. ^^;;

I can spend the whole day on this kind of teachings ^___^

Shall go read up on 율곡(Yulgok)  if I have the time!


Googled him and NEW DISCOVERY.

He is the guy on the 5,000 won Korean note!!!!!!

hahaha. We learn something new everyday!

And so random. But I want to be one of the bloggers that everyone who is learning Korean will know about. ^^;;

A bit too ambitious? 😛 heh So I shall work even harder!!!

I just wanna show that self-studying a language is totally possible! And you guys are doing the same too (:

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    11 December, 2012 at 2:36 PM

    uhm… isn’t it the case already? that everyone learning Korean knows you? kekeke!

    *wth? there’s multiplication now?!!! (coz of the recent spams that went through with it?) I seriously need a calculator now! hehehe

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      11 December, 2012 at 2:48 PM

      hahaha!!! yes i added multiplication today 😛 The amount of spam is getting on my nerves. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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