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번역하는 것이 정말 어렵다

저는 지금 Integrated Korean Advanced Intermediate 1를 쓰고 공부하고 있어요. 그 중에 한 연습은 노래 가사 번역이에요. 그 노래는 동방신기의 마법의 성이에요. 이번에는 처음 번역을 해 봐요. 그래서 좀 어렵다고 생각해요. 번역할 때 어떻게 감정을 보유하고 있는지 잘 모르겠어요.

I could finally understand how difficult it is to be a translator. The choice of words can subtlely change the entire piece of work. The underlying emotions, the irony, the style can all be changed by the translator. That is why I don’t really like to read translated works if I can avoid them. I can’t put my finger to it but it just feels different and alien. Try reading Harry Potter in English and then in Chinese. It’s obvious that the English version has more ‘feel’ to it. There will always be a reason why an author chose to use a particular word instead of many others that convey the same ‘surface’ meaning. Happy, elated, joyful, exuberant –> they all convey different degree of happiness.

anw, after writing an entire paragraph, I just wanna share my translation of the song. Okay, I admit that it will not be 100% my work since I sort of take reference from another person’s translation. But still, I tried to do it myself (: I love the lyrics in Korean, it feels really magical and disney-like. aww fairy tales (:

마법의 성 – The Magical Castle

믿을 있나요 나의 꿈속에서
Can you believe it?
In my dreams,
너는 마법에 빠진 공주란걸
You’re a princess that has fallen into magic
언제나 너를 향한 몸짓엔
Even though my gestures towards you are always
수많은 어려움뿐이지만
so difficult for me

그러나 언제나 굳은 다짐뿐이죠
However, it’s always my solemn promise to you
다시 너를 구하고 말거라고
I’m going to
rescue you again
손을 모아 기도 했죠
I put both my hands together and prayed
끝없는 용기와 지혤 달라고

For endless courage and wisdom

마법의 성을 지나 늪을 건너
Past the magical castle, and
cross the marsh
어둠의 동굴 멀리 그대가 보여
Deep inside the dark
ness’s cave, I can see you
이제 나의 손을 잡아보아요
Now, hold my hand,
우리의 몸이 떠오르는 것을 느끼죠

Can you feel our bodies rising

자유롭게 하늘을 날아가도
As we fly freely to the sky,
놀라지 말아요
Don’t be frightened
우리 앞에 펼쳐질 세상이
The world unfolding in front of us
너무나 소중해 함께있다면
how precious it will be

if we are together


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    19 December, 2008 at 10:00 PM

    Definitely emphatise with you, translating Korean into English is the same. There’s so many nuances in Korean that English cannot possibly express them sufficiently sometimes, and English is so flexible that translations into Korean sometimes stiffens the expression. =D

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