3 In Korean learning journey (:

받침 주의!

I’ve been blogging alot about active listening and taking notice of your own speech when learning a new language. Having done that for a few days, I realised that I don’t pronounce my final consonants sometimes. Especially for ㄹ, where it will end up sounding quite soft or disappearing altogether.

When I was taking classes in Yonsei, my classmate (a Korean) told me that I can improve if I take care in pronouncing the 받침 properly and one way to do it is to speak slowly and then increasing your speed after you get the hang of it.

So after listening to my recorded voice today, I was reminded of what she said.

I’m now spending more time on each chapter of the textbook and listening to the CD at the same time. Marking the dialogue for words that have special stress patterns/sound changes/mispronounced words will be helpful too!

Everyone has different problems, but I hope that this will be helpful~! ^^

p.s. Review of the Yonsei textbook coming up soon~!

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    25 October, 2010 at 12:32 AM

    Yay ! I will wait for the Yonsei review. I was about to purchase this serie but I couldd not find enough reviews on it. Could you show a few pages of the book in your review?

    Thank you

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    26 October, 2010 at 11:22 PM


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