2 In Food in Korea


random but I’m really really happy that the local supermart has imported my fav snack in korea!!! 😀 😀 I love chestnuts and this is especially yummy since they do not add any weird addictives in it. The packaging is awesome too, it allows you to tear at different layers to get to your chestnut so you don’t have to dig deep into the packet. The one I had in Korea was more of an individual pack, so it’s slimmer and longer than what you see in the picture.

The time I first ate it was during the long KTX ride to 경주. 언니 bought the snacks and gave each of us a packet. ^^ All the lovely memories in Korea. I think I’ve really met the best people during the trip and I can’t help but feel that no other trip to Korea will be as fun without all the same wonderful people I’ve met. (:

Scribefire is being a pain when it comes to uploading photos. ): And I don’t want to spend money on purchasing a nice software.

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    7 December, 2010 at 8:38 PM

    Looks nice! i like chestnuts too! Local Supermart.. does that meant NTUC? haha.

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      7 December, 2010 at 8:40 PM

      yes! not sure if it’s available in all outlets though (: go try it! it’s $1.40 per packet.

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