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After a few weeks of procrastination, I’m back to reading 대한민국사 (1) again. I’m never going to finish book 1 at this rate right? /looks at the set of 4.

I’m at the halfway mark and I love how the book brings in historical figures in ancient history despite the book being one on modern history.

Realised that I’m very fascinated with 암행어사 (暗行御史) in the Joseon dynasty. These are royal secret inspectors that travel across the country to check on local governments, investigate issues — just like modern-day undercovers. I first got to know of the concept in fictional work 전우치 and obviously there are real inspectors in history too. Don’t you think they make fascinating subjects for movies / dramas? I can imagine epic and rich stories (both fictional and real) surrounding them.

Anyone knows any movies / dramas / fictional novels / historical books that focus on 암행어사? 😀

In any case, I was reading about a real 암행어사 in Joseon Dynasty, 이건창. I’m no good with words, so instead of trying to explain something that I barely know about, I’ll leave you to read about him if you are interested. I was reading >>>> this article

I find it strange that I’m absolutely fascinated with ancient history of Korea, and yet I’ve never been able to stomach a sageuk. :/ Granted, sageuk is more 막장 than historical accuracy most of the time… but still. haha.

In any case, I hope to be able to finish the 대한민국사 by 2016 so I can justify the purchase of ancient history books hehe.

For those who are wondering about the purpose behind my ‘study’ of history, there is none. I’m not planning to do anything with it. I just like learning about the world and I don’t see knowledge as something that is divided into “useful” or otherwise.

Life is too short to be always doing things you have to.


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