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yoUeFO: Korean Short films / documentaries collection

Awesome discovery today. yoUeFO (유에포) is an online cinema and boasts a sizable collection of Korean short films, animations and documentaries. I’m guessing most of these don’t get to be aired on the small or big screen but from the few I’ve seen, they are definitely high quality production.

According to the site, they are moving their collection to youtube (currently, the videos are uploaded on their site). Hopefully the move will bring more attention to the good quality production they have.

Currently the Hallyu wave is very much concentrated on kpop and kdramas and to a smaller extent, k-films (particularly those with idol stars). I really hope more attention can be given to these small-scale productions too.

I’m watching this one right now: 잊혀진 상처 about the Korean war and North-South divide. I’m amused that most of the foreigners they interviewed at the beginning looked like they are absolutely clueless about Korea.

Like their facebook page too!

If you watch any of their videos, let me know which ones are good!

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