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Year End Reflections Part 2 – Korean and Japanese

Any year is better than 2013 – when I totally crashed and started to develop negative feelings for the language I loved to bits.

2014 was probably the road of recovery for me, where I rediscovered my love for Korean and started enjoying it again. Ironically, this is made possible when I decided to take a breather and not force Korean onto the center stage of my life.

Korean to me is more of an intellectual pursuit of some sorts – I enjoy the challenge, love learning more and always want to try out more difficult materials. It just holds a different place in my heart, different from other languages I know (be it native or foreign).

This year, I think I expanded my vocabulary by quite a bit but deep down I know that Im not working hard enough. >< I haven't been reading much in Korean ... Time to order more 😛 I tend to read more non fiction in Korean and I enjoy it a lot more. Favorite topics include history and literature hahaha. My speaking skills has deteriorated to the dumps and Im so ashamed of myself. Granted, even at my peak my speaking skills were quite limited but now I cant even string sentences properly. ): The funny thing is that although I have a lot of 욕심 to up my proficiency, I have mainly concentrated on reading. Getting a language partner is not in my agenda so..... Aiya i dunno. I havent written much over the year too (ok this post is getting so negative) I guess my 2015 Korean goals will be to speak and write better!!! For Japanese, I finished quite a few novels this year! My reading speed is a lot faster than before and I feel like my listening skills (well, drama n anime at least) have improved slightly. Still nowhere near my original goal of passing N2 :/ Got back into anime. Hehe. Found a new favorite in Psycho Pass, so much so that I bought the novels!!! I love an anime that is deep, that questions life and our choices and stuff. It is also of the right balance of different themes, not exactly mild but not too macabre or what not. I couldnt get into SNK because it's just too much for me >< Not sure if I can stomach Tokyo Ghoul even though its seemingly popular and good. Have been in Japanese immersion mode for the past few weeks and would continue for the nxt few weeks too yayyyy I definitely want my N2 next year so I shall work towards that. Im also likely going to give a small talk on language learning sometime next year and Im quite exciteddd. 😀 2015 is going to be an awesome language learning year!

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    3 January, 2015 at 1:07 AM

    Psycho Pass!! What an awesome show. I’m glad you’re enjoying it. I’d give Monster a try too.

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