1 In Japanese learning journey (:

Working on the Japanese intonation

yay! Restarted my Japanese engine!! 😀 Finished unit #5 from Erin’s Challenge and now starting on the N3/N2 book! hehe I love that it’s all in Japanese, and that I understand!

Maybe I’ll talk about Erin’s challenge next time, but it’s one of my favorite site to learn Japanese. Cos it reminds me of Sogang Online Program and I really loved it XD I like having videos / transcripts / games – the interactive online tutorial kind! The content isn’t very difficult for me, but I’m using the audio and the line by line transcript to improve my Japanese intonation.

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Just flipping through the book makes me happy. hehe language nerd!! XD I really like the fact that there’s no English in it!! ^^


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    29 July, 2013 at 3:37 AM

    Wow, your kanji handwriting is so nice! I am jealous. JK. <3

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