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What lasts and what doesn’t

Passion does, feelings don’t.

Feeling good about myself that I’m studying Korean for 2 days in a row. Alright, I know it’s not like a big thing BUT I have to concede that as I grow older, it just feels harder to take time out to do any kind of studying. Or maybe I should say motivation.

Passion for the language is what drives me on, despite bouts of laziness and the general lethargy that I associate with sitting in front of the computer.

Feelings on the other hand, can be so transient.

I hardly develop positive feelings for anything or anyone. If I did, it will last on my part until something breaks it and then I can let go of it completely without any lingering thoughts. I can’t tell if this is a good or bad trait 😡

I have let go of a number of things and people in the past this way.

But then again, if it lasts, the feelings really go a long way (:

Okay I have digressed.

Currently doing some last minute vocabulary building so I’m concentrating on a certain genre of articles online. This is one method that I use to learn vocabulary. Instead of reading too widely at one time, I like to focus on a certain industry / topic / theme (eg. entertainment, politics etc) and then read articles within the theme. The repeated use of certain phrases / words in similar articles meant that it’s very easy to pick up new vocabulary without the need to memorise and you can also gain more knowledge in that area.

독서는 절대 나를 배신하지 않는다

And so I shall study.

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