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What I’m up to these days

Work. Catching up on sleep. Playing a mental game of tug of war and feeling like the rope is slipping out of my hands. Be overjoyed whenever I have some free time for Korean and Japanese. Look forward to messaging some people. Be obsessed with anime (again)

Yes anime. I’m back to being in the 2D world because I need a break from the 3D version. O.o

Heh anyway my latest obsession is with the lovely Lovely Complex!!!

No spoilers but it’s a high school anime about life, romance and friendships. The interesting is that the female lead is 172cm and the male lead is 156cm tall heehee.

The anime itself is hilarious most of the time but grounded in realism, exploring many issues that we go through in life and this supposedly hilarious anime has made me cry on several occasions already.

I loveeee the female lead Lisa and all the ugly faces she make. None of those cutey schoolgirl feel (:

And the best part??

The anime is set in Osaka and THEY ALL USE THE KANSAI DIALECT!!!!!!


^^ hehe i think I’m getting a lot better at understanding the dialect now (: YAYAYAY.

All in all. Highly recommended! (: Especially if you are a dialect fan like me. ^^

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