What better way to spend a lazy Saturday….

23 February, 2013

than to be immersed in Korean? hahahaha.

Planning to spend some time today to catch up with TOPIK preparations (ie. grammar), read more about Korean history, try a few more random articles and relax with a Korean movie.

Thanks for all the comments / advice in the previous post. Read all of them, thought a lot more and learnt a lot too! (: Will be replying to them soon!! ^^

    1. Haha I just finished watching The Classic, it’s been probably over two years since when I saw it last. I don’t care if it’s a chic flic, I cried like a baby watching it lol. Korean movies are the best!

    1. Today, after your recommendation in your post, I got ewha Korean English version textbook at Kino. 🙂 but I realize they do not teach me about Korean characters. I can’t read a single thing. I’m a total beginner, hope one day I will be able to read those in the textbook.

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