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[VOTING] Favorite language learning blog 2011

yay!!! Exams have finally ended!!! And I’m (partially) free!!! 😀 😀
I hope my readers and friends have not abandoned this blog due to my long absence and non-informative blog posts. >,< As you can see, I’m back with more substantial posts for the past few days!

Anyways, it’s the time of the year for the Lexiophiles language blog contest! I’m really happy that I managed to enter the TOP 100 blogs last year and I’m hoping to put the 2011 badge on the sidebar too. hehe if you have some time, please vote for me HERE or click the icon on the right side bar!

😀 😀

If you have queries or anything that you want me to blog about, drop me a comment! ^^ I’ll be blogging very often this summer. So drop me more comments 😀 😀

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