2 In Korean learning journey (:

Vocabulary Spurt

During the first 1.5 years (or so) of learning Korean, I find that I concentrated more on grammar structures. I was absorbing quite a few new grammar points everyday and my vocabulary size is increasing slowly but steadily. I was using quite a few textbooks at one go during that point of time, and most of the vocabulary were around the same. The multiple exposure to the same few words helped me to remember them with ease.

And then there was a period of time where the struggle is to ‘integrate’ what I’ve learnt and start to read longer texts, with multiple grammar structures being used in a sentence.

Summer 2010 was the first vocabulary spurt for me, when I was suddenly overwhelmed with alot of new words which I’ve not seen before. During that 7 weeks or so, I think I was learning new words at 3 – 4 times the normal speed. But it never seemed enough. Vocabulary is one of those areas in language learning where the amount of effort you put in really shows. You can understand most of the grammar structures, but without a sizable vocabulary, it’s hard to read beyond a short passage.

I think I’m now at a 2nd vocabulary spurt, where I’m learning quite a number of new words and expressions everyday. I’m working through the Advanced II book now and all I’m doing is picking up new vocabulary and certain fixed expressions. I have no problems with the grammar points (at least in reading ^^).

I need to remind myself to work harder this summer! So that I won’t regret when summer ends. I have a horrible track record of always ending up doing B when I should be doing A. Like how I would study Korean during semester time and then doing other weird things during the hols.

4MEN is back with their new album and this is my fav song out of the album! All the songs are good though ^^

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    15 June, 2011 at 8:19 AM

    안녕 샨나씨^^

    Agreed with what u said here…it’s true that it’s difficult to express oneself completely in korean with limited vocabs…but it’s so difficult to remember them..i must b having a hard time tt the word 주인공, which i’d learned yesterday afternoon appeared in my dream last nite, ㅋㅋㅋ

    Wow, 3-4x normal speed???!

    But i’m curious here..when u were in Yonsei for their summer programme, how did 연대 teach u to remember the vocabs taught in class? If new vocabs were “forced” into u all at once in one lesson, it’s harder to remember, right?

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      15 June, 2011 at 9:44 AM

      Hi Nora!

      mmmm they actually didn’t teach me how to remember vocab. Because I was in the highest level class (together with the ‘kor-am’ expats), the teacher went through everything very fast. She did pick out some vocabulary to go through, together with meaning, examples, and sometimes a short discussion (when we get sidetracked). Somehow I remember them more easily.

      I do my homework before every class, so I’ll read that text and search for the meanings of all the words that I’m not familiar with (something I always do). And strangely, I seem to be able to remember everything O.o

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