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Visiting the Nanoomi Office~!

Yay~! Some of you may know that I write occasionally for Nanoomi and I’ve been wanting to visit their office ever since I’m in Seoul. It was on a last min spur that I decided to visit them today and I finally meet Cynthia, the awesome lady who is the founding editor of Nanoomi.

Cynthia is really awesome and she’s the kind of person you would take an immense liking to immediately ^^ (and she’s pretty!) She showed me around the office and I really loved it. It has a nice pantry and game/relaxation room for the staff and there’s even a massage chair in one of the rooms. xD

Cynthia was telling me about some of their upcoming projects and they sounded interesting. I didn’t blog as often there as I always wondered how relevant my posts were for Nanoomi, but after talking to Cynthia, I’ll be blogging more regularly! ^^ They have awesome ideas over there and I’m looking forward to see their beta release of the new project! Hopefully I can also take part in their activities. Blogging is such a joy~! <3

Realised that I probably should make use of my trilinguality (especially English/Korean) when writing my articles. It’s kinda cool if I’m able to incorporate ideas / perspectives from the Koreans (written in Korean) to what I’m writing about in English. awesome. She was telling me about this social media tool I could try out.. heard of the name before but now I’m having trouble recalling it. Will have to check with her again.

Love social media (:

On a side note, I love meeting people who are full of energy and who are always constantly learning, exploring new ideas etc. I tend to drift back to my own tiny world at times and I’ll get stagnant and contented to be where I am. Need the extra push to work harder and to constantly improve and reinvent myself. (:

Blogging and learning Korean are things that I really like and perhaps I should bring both to a higher level. Need the positive energy. (:

I like their namecards too.

Everyone was really busy so I didn’t stay long. Wandered around the Gangnam area alone and it was a good walk. The weather was a little chilly (single digit now!! celsius) but it’s awesome to walk along the streets~~ Clear my mind ^^

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    18 October, 2011 at 9:59 PM

    Glad you liked it! Pop in again anytime you’re in the area!

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      19 October, 2011 at 7:33 PM

      definitely~! hope to catch u the next time!

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