[VIDEO] My Korean Language Notebooks

5 May, 2013

First of all, I have read all the feedback regarding the new layout and I know that some of you like it a lot, some are o~k~ with it while some prefer me to go back to the old layout. I really want to find a comfortable and easy-to-read layout for all, but the search is proving difficult. I’m too broke to pay for something also (^^;), so try to adjust to the new (smaller) font! ^^ My only gripe is with the smaller font (ctrl + is always there), but other than that I really like this!

Anyone wants to design for Hangukdrama? ㅋㅋㅋ

Yeah I know I’ve talked about my language notebooks countless of times and many of you have already seen this video, but I doubt I embedded in a post before, so here goes.

I miss having the Optimus G!!! omg but too bad I have no spare cash to splurge on a new phone. I don’t remember using a filter so I don’t know why the photos have such a “dreamy” look lol.

Either the 3rd or 4th notebook! You can click on them for the full size pictures (if you are interested)

CAM00039 CAM00040 CAM00042

    1. I always like looking at your language notebooks!!! So neat and organized and great handwriting! Also you’re left handed right? I love left handedness 😀 I been trying to make myself become ambidextrous haha. Writing is so hard especially in Korean xD. Maybe a phone will fall out of the sky for you ㅋㅋ
      Wish I could design something for the site though, would be a big honor!

      1. yup left handed! 😀 Totally can’t imagine writing something with my right hand ^^;; hehe hopefully an air-ticket will fall together with the phone (haha am I too greedy?)

        1. totally jealous!! give me your left-handedness 😛 are you ambidextrous though? Hahaha maybe it’s time to find a guy 😛

    1. I see that you are quite a studious girl! about the new layout, I like it. I didn’t notice that font is too small. It sure was small and I immediately cntrl +’d it but again I am doing that for all websites so I was not sure if font is too small on your new layout.

      What happened to your Optimus G?

      1. haha I enjoy note-taking xD It’s not thaaat small but definitely smaller than the past layouts! haha the Optimus G was loaned to me as a review set. ^^

    1. Thank you so much for sharing. Your notebooks always inspire me and give me more motivation to learn Korean.I love your handwriting and the colorful notes ^^

    1. so do you look back at your notebooks or do you just write everything out to make it more memorable ? I personally avoid writing as much as possible because it’s just time consuming and it doesn’t help me remember. i was wonering about your study style.

      i was THINKING you should try to perfect your messy korean handwriting. lol. cause you know once korean people graduate middle school or high school the good handwriting sorta goes out the window and people just write whatever is the most comfortable or efficient. if you really wanna reach native korean level writing lol. i’m sure there are korean people who love writing neat but i think for the most part people go for efficiency and laziness (so like they might write ㄹ with one stroke lol or it’ll be difficult to read what they wrote. ). It’ll just save you so much time with writing everything. looking at what you wrote it looks really time-consuming because of the length as well as the neatness of the handwriting. Well you know I don’t know what your philosophy is on with neatness and time-saving. Just wanted to throw this out there. As far as my korean handwriting is concerned it’s very messy and i have no interest making it neater. I’ve never been a neat person or had neat handwriting but i haven’t reached “native” korean like messiness cause I don’t write korean much lol. I think they develop the lazy/efficient handwriting from writing a lot and being really annoyed with the time-consumingness of it.

      1. nope, i seldom look back at my notebooks and if I do, it’s for the grammar points that I’ve written down. Not the vocabulary! mmm personally I like to write and it helps me remember. I don’t memorize but I don’t have photographic memory either. So this works for me!

        hehe I know what you mean about “native-like” messy writing. I do write like that when I’m jotting down something on a scrap paper or something, but I love my notes neat and organized. I do have my own version of scrawl/messy handwriting but I don’t really know if it’s native-like or not. Actually it does not take me a lot of time to keep things neat since I’m normally like that and I write in a normal speed – I’m not the kind that will painstakingly make the effort to keep my notes neater than usual

        I don’t write in cursive / “native” handwriting for my native languages too ^^

    1. and also your notebook is for you so it doesn’t have to be neat, just legible to YOU unless you just personally prefer neatness.

    1. Hey Shanna! I really enjoyed seeing your notebooks. I color code mine too 🙂 I have a separate one for vocabulary though. It’s nice to be able to see how other self-study language learners organize everything… I’m pretty new to it myself. Love your blog! ~ Tamara from Canada

      1. woahhH!!! love this video! thanks for sharing 😀 😀 Love this kind of word play and language jokes

        1. Speaking of 정액… a friend once told me that he had a classmate by the name of Liu(2) Jing(1) Ye(4)… :X HAHAHA I don’t even want to translate that…

          Come to think of it, there are many Koreans going by the name of “성기”… Don’t they get hell in school?? Hrm.

          1. HAHAHA read your comment while walking and I just burst out laughing (i was alone lol) hehe

    1. Which pen do you use to write? Writing hangul with a ball pen, personally is difficult since it makes me write bigger.

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