5 In Apps to download in Korea/ Korean learning journey (:

[Useful Korean App] The Korean Subway 지하철 – Jihachul

Navigating the Korean subway lines is a feat unlike the Singapore MRT. Many of us can probably memorize the MRT map, but I applaud anyone who can for the Seoul Subway.

There are a variety of apps that aims to make things a little easier, but I have only use one and I swear by it.

The screenshots were taken from an iPad so to make it clearer. Works exactly the same in the iPhone. Don’t worry about languages as it’s available in English, Korean and Japanese. No prizes for guessing which one I chose! The subway map is not only for Seoul, but also other regions in Korea!

Awww I miss looking at the map!!! You can use the 검색 to find the station (instead of scrolling up and down and squinting at it)!

Now comes the awesome part. When you click on one of the station, the following screen appears. At the top, you get to know which side to alight (left or right), where is the restrooms (in some stations they are before the gentries and in some they are outside – a pain in the ass if you tap your card and realize that the restroom is inside!!!).

At the blue part, you can set it as your starting point, transfer point or destination. You can also check out the running schedule and also where all the exits are situated!!!

Set another station as your destination and the shortest route is shown to you. So clear. And where to transfer. They even tell you how long it will take, how many stops and how much the fare costs!!!

Seriously. I wish we have such apps in Singapore… but oh wells. I guess they can’t be accurate because of all the train delays LOL

They even break it down so nicely such that if you are at the station now, you can know exactly when you are going to reach your transfer station and your destination station! 😀

Now you can plan your travel properly!

Notice that 막차타기 icon on the top right of the pop up? THAT SAVED MY LIFE SO MANY TIMES. Sometimes I run dangerously close to the last train schedule and this alerted me to it!


If you are going to Korea, please download this now and play with it!! 😀

Download: iPhone | Android


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    This is awesome stuff! Thanks!

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    9 March, 2014 at 4:29 PM

    Hello! thanks for posting something like this. 🙂 I have a question, I cant download the app 🙁 it said I need to download the database first, but when I tried to do it, The loading stops when it was at 60%.

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