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Trip to the Kyoto Aquarium

I  ❤ aquariums! At 2,200 yen, the aquarium wasn’t the cheapest of all attractions and since we already went to the Osaka aquarium (to be blogged) which was bigger and apparently more famous, we were hesitant about spending the hefty amount to see similar things.

The exterior looks so damn nice that we decided to pop in to have a quick look. Upon realizing that the aquarium also features a dolphin show (which Osaka aquarium doesn’t have), we decided that WE MUST GO! ㅋㅋ


Trust me. It’s awesomeThe whole aquarium I mean. There’s just something super surreal about watching underwater creatures and for some of the exhibits, you get to see the them up close.

Firstly, presenting to you all my favorite member of the aquarium! hehehe



Yup that’s a Salamander!!! Well, don’t scoff. He’s the star of the aquarium. There are literally hundreds of Salamander stuffed toys (of various dimensions) in the aquarium shop. Salamander pouches, salamander key chains etc. I was sorely tempted by a stuffed toy pouch. D: The bff will tell you that I was like “awww so cuteeee” in front of the whole wall of Salamander toys.

See. They all pile on top of each other 😀


Aquariums are meant to be enjoyed in person, so I won’t post too many photos here! I love that the place spans several levels and besides smaller aquariums, they have the main tank in the middle that is several stories high!

hehe the seal gallery and you can even go upstairs to view it!



This is the first time I got so close to a seal!!! No zoom used. No display glass.


The dolphin show was definitely worth waiting around for! The bff and I sat in the front row and we were splashed by the water during the performance hehe. So no photos!

Anyone remembers my 친구? Well, here’s a nice photo of him 😀


Overall, I actually enjoyed the Kyoto aquarium more than the Osaka one! But both are super awesome in their own ways. If you have a chance to visit Kyoto, do remember to keep this place in mind!!! ^^

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