Trip to Osaka Aquarium

Extremely backdated Japan post. *cough*

The last time I posted about Japan was in Oct 2013 and it’s almost 1 year since that awesome trip!

I’m terrible sorry that the upcoming posts (and this one) will be less information and more pictures.


Everything is just very fun, very pretty, very delicious. 

Besides the Kyoto Aquarium, we went to the Osaka Aquarium!!

I loveeee aquariums! <3


How the aquarium looks like from outside. It’s hugeee.

I spent most of the time taking photos of cute creatures!! <3 The plus one said I always have a weird sense of cute.

Cute fish #1


I forgot what is this. A mammal I think??


Staff cleaning the penguin area!


Touch the stingrays! <3 It’s quite fun! Just avoid the tail part. The area is supervised by staff and usually quite crowded!


Cute creature #2


Cute creature #3

awwww my favourite!!! hahahaha. Yes I literally go around showing my friends this photo after the trip and say SO CUTE. No one agrees with me though. /sadface


I made the plus one take a photo of me and this fish.


Yummy crabs? haha we were not the only ones thinking about food. We heard a lot of 美味しい!! lol.

Cute schoolchildren! The place is pretty popular as a school excursion trip.


mm this is slightly >< It’s a giant octopus eating a fish.. That tank was quite disturbing cos we see half eaten fish / bones in there……


You jelly?


A more normal photo haha.


One of my favourite (and rather touristy) thing to do is the following! Most areas of attractions will have this kinda of machines where you can make a small metal plate on the spot! Slot in the coins and choose the design!


Super fun! ^^

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    That’s a Capybara (the mammal)… we have them at the zoo here 🙂 I think they look like giant guinea pigs lol

    1. Reply

      same!! haha I got a shock at first when I saw in the aquarium

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