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Being a tourist in Singapore with Sohee

No, not the Wonder Girls’ Sohee, but my friend Sohee, whom I met during my recent Korea trip.

(blogging schedule is wonky, I should have blogged about that first lol)

I do love how meeting friends in Korea is so.. impromptu and random. A 카톡 friend (whom I’ve never met and seldom talk to) texted me that her friend, Sohee, is coming to SG and would like to introduce us to each other. In the end we ended up meeting as a group of 3 in Korea (and had a great time). Time flies and it was Sohee’s turn to visit SG!

Went to the airport to meet Sohee and proceeded to the city area!

Brought Sohee to my favourite spot – the rooftop at Esplanade.

Sohee brought along a selfie stick (!!!). First time seeing one of those in action and I must say it’s an awesome invention!



Of course, we started taking selcas.


Walked to the Merlion Park! 😀 I really really love the city hall area in Singapore.


Some of the must-do poses at the park lol.


Sohee unni being awesome


Me being mild as usual lol

Love this photo hahahaha


Later on the evening, met another 2 friends and we went to eat the famous must-eat Chilli Crab! Went to the East Coast Jumbo outlet (for those who are curious)


I feel like a tourist myself – probably the first time in more than 10 years I’ve visited the ECP seafood place. lol.

Here are the food photos!


Sambal Kangkong – a must eat

Satay! Grilled meat skewers 😀


Satay with peanut sauce dip

Fried Rice – we needed a staple. This is one of the most common type of fried rice – Yangzhou Fried Rice.


And not forgetting the crabs! One black pepper and one chilli crab. For those who are ordering the chilli crabs, don’t forget to order a few of those delectable fried buns (mantous) to dip into the sauce. ^^

To be honest, I probably ate chilli crab less than 3 times in my entire life. HAHA. I don’t usually eat crabs and I kind of prefer of my crabs just steamed (bland tastebuds)

(following photo is from my phone because I was lazy to use my camera)


In any case, I’m totally loving my x100s. It holds up sooo well even in dim lighting. Like I always say, if you see nice photos in this blog, credit the camera (not the photographer lol).

The people over at the next table were very amazed / amused when they saw the selfie stick and I guessed they wanted a part of the fun  😛



Met up with Sohee again another day for a tour around the city area!

At Orchard with the must-eat ice-cream sandwich from the vendors along the street.


Rounded off the night at Marina Bay Sands.


I had loads of fun and hopefully Sohee had a great time too!

p.s. I haven’t been blogging because two Korean friends came to SG consecutively so I spent the week or so being a tourist in my own country. 😀

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  • Reply
    9 September, 2014 at 6:08 PM

    selfie stick 뭐예요?
    What on earth is a selfie stick?
    SG는 지금 너무 더워요? 더운 날씨 싫어요.
    제미있는브러르 감사합니다

  • Reply
    10 September, 2014 at 10:01 PM

    Ah! Nostalgia! We used to have those rainbow bread things that you use in the ice cream sandwiches in my country back in the day!

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