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Top Language Lovers 2014

Another year has passed!

I’m glad I still managed to squeeze into the list this year! Yay for another badge on my 자기소개 page

#19 on TOP 25 Language Professional Blogs

#94 on TOP 100 Language Lovers

감사합니다! 😀

Top-Language-Lovers-2014-logo   Top 25 Language Language Professional Blogs 2014



Because this blog post is too short, let me write some more!

I’m torn between doing nothing and being productive (and study languages / read some photography stuff/ make a new video(!)/ etc) but knowing me, I’ll end up doing the former!

Cannot stand myself because I’ve stopped reading Japanese novels (sigh). Re-reading the 20-book series 獵命師傳奇 and I’m at the #13. HAHA. Love reading Chinese books!

Listening to nice Korean ballads~

okay I think this post is long enough.

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    14 June, 2014 at 1:16 PM

    Congratulations on making it on the lists ^^

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