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Too many loves, too little time

I honestly don’t know how people learn / dabble in multiple languages. I find it difficult to spread my (limited) time evenly across just a couple of languages. I think it has to do with my personality, as I much prefer to be engrossed in one thing at a single time.

Recently, I’ve been in a Japanese mood and I tend to spend majority of my free time on it. I’ve been reading more in Japanese, which is a great thing, because a large proportion of my unread books are (surprisingly) in Japanese. Most people would think that I read (or own more books) in Korean, which is my stronger language, but hahaha no. I love buying Japanese books omg. I think I have more than 30 unread ones, and this doesn’t stop me from wanting to buy more.

This year, I had wanted to focus on learning Thai but so far, I’m not doing it intensively. It’s a deviant from my previous language learning approach, which is to focus intensively on one language when I’m learning it. Perhaps it was easier to do so when I just had Korean, and then Japanese, but now… no. hahaha. Given that I’m also interested in casually studying Spanish, hahaha it’s really 时间不够用.

I’m also trying to be a better and more consistent reader, and having 4 languages to read in means that my attention is constantly being divided.

I wonder if I should come up with a “schedule” of sorts, but then again, I’m never one who likes segmenting things so cleanly.

One thing I need to do is to break the bad habit of reading a book halfway and then getting distracted by starting a new one. I’m okay to give up reading halfway for books I am not keen on, but most of the time, I actually love the books and stopping them halfway made it difficult to continue again because by then, I would have forgotten most of the story. I’ll then feel compelled to start reading all over. The cycle continues LOL

There’s a book that I almost finished reading and I told myself to slow down and leave the last bit to another day to savour. One month later, I still have not gone back to it. oops.

Till the next post!

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