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[Review] Too Cool for School, IOPE cleansers, Nature Republic Sun Spray

Introducing a new category: BeautyBlogger인척 shortened to BB인척 

Recently I’ve begun to take more care of my skin and hair and .. myself and my skin has improved!! Amazing how a little effort goes a long way. I guess this old adage stays true in all circumstances (language learning or what not)

I’m totally far off from your usual blog-about-fashion-and-makeup pretty bloggers with immaculate hair and skin but thought it’ll be nice to share what I’ve been using and also add some interesting content here!! (of course almost all my products are Korean brands)

Maybe it’ll be a refreshing change to read reviews from an average-looking person with normal skin and shit hair (as told by my stylist in a nicer way).

And yes, this is a BIG disclaimer that I’m totally a noob at all these cosmetics/beauty stuff and half the time I may sound kinda stupid. Funny though. I’m totally confident and at ease when doing textbook reviews etc but reviewing a cleanser stumped me haha. #booknerd

Of course, I’m going to be as honest as I am with textbook reviews too. That’s the only guarantee you can get from this BB인척 series.

This is an experimental series so I can’t decide the structure yet!

p.s. Writing beauty blogs is MUCH tougher than reviewing textbooks. 존경!!




Products I’m reviewing today – sans the bear

I used to be simply SO lazy that my “skincare” routine consists only of washing my face morning and night with a cleanser and use a Korean brand peeling gel once every 3 weeks or so. ㅠㅠㅠ

Now I’m better.

In any case, I’m introducing some of the cleaners I’ve used in the past year!

Too Cool For School – Egg Mousse Soap (facial form) & Egg Mousse Pack (wash off mask)



Never paid much attention to TCFS in Korea because the designs are totally … not my style but I was nonetheless very excited when I saw that the brand had launched in SG. The above are apparently the bestsellers and I do like it very much!

Both have a very fine foamy texture due to the spray can design.

Facial Foam

Good: Quite a thorough cleanser, always make my face feel fresh and clean afterwards. A little goes a long way – I made the mistake of pressing the spray too much and it was like overload of whip cream on my hand…

mmm: May be a little drying and too strong for those with very sensitive skin?

overall: will buy again.

rating: ♥♥♥

Egg Mousse Pack

Good: Loves that it feels like it gets absorbed into the skin. I can never tell but when I applied on my face it’s white but later on it will be transparent (so that means it’s all absorbed in???) Very refreshing and my face will feel smooth. I use it about once a week and it has lasted for at least 5 months already

overall: Quite recommended

rating: ♥♥♥


Featuring a so-so facial foam and one of my FAVOURITE brands currently. Guess which’s which?

Hada Labo Facial Form

mmm: It seems like a popular brand so I bought the facial foam to try. Nothing special and doesn’t particularly work for me. Have definitely tried better facial foams.

overall: It now stands neglected in a corner and is still 3/4 full. ><

rating: –

IOPE Ideal Cleansing Foam – Whipping Brightener

If you put me in Aritaum (cosmetic chain store in Korea carrying brands such as Laneige, IOPE, Mamonde) and a wad of cash, I’ll make a beeline for the IOPE shelf. MAD LOVE. I’ve always wanted to try IOPE since knowing about it in 2010 but it’s a higher end brand compared to Skinfood, Etude House etc so I couldn’t afford any.

IOPE is not available offline in SG yet but you can always go to gmarket. Or ask a friend to get it for you!

good: best facial foam for me so far! Cleans and moisturises, smells great. A littttle bit will do and I forsee the tube to last me for quite some time! Good value for money.

rating: ♥♥♥♥♥

Nature Republic Sun Spray

Don’t ask me why but I have always been getting sun screens from Nature Republic since 2010. lol. I was so happy when it came to SG but then the shops all close down one-by-one -.- In general, Korean friends told me that out of the usual Korean brands of that price range, they prefer Etude House and Innisfree only. But I guess each brand has their own loyal following? Since skincare is not a one-size-fits-all solution too.

In any case, I was very intrigued by this because THIS IS THE FIRST TIME I SEE SUN SPRAYS. I hate piling on sun screen on my body because it’s usually thick and greasy. So this saves me a lot of time and effort!!



Good: Easy to use. Non-greasy. Makes my skin quite smooth with a bit of shine. Rather moisturising too. I don’t think I’ve gotten tanner so I guess it works? I only use it on my hands and legs, not my face. Don’t have the usual sunscreen smell.

Overall: Will get it again if I go to Korea.

Rating: ♥♥♥


This concludes the first (long) post of the BB인척 series. If you like the post, have any questions or comments or suggestions, pleeeeeease leave a comment 😀

If you think I should stick to writing about textbooks, you can be honest too okay.

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