3 In Korean learning journey (:

To keep coming back

Those who have been reading this blog for awhile would know that for a period of time, I was struggling with finding out what Korean actually meant in my life.

I tried to find something new but no matter what (perhaps I didn’t want to try very hard in the first place), I keep coming back to Korean.

Funny how life works. I ♥ the language so much that I would even admit that it’s bordering unexplainable obsession hahaha.


There’s just something very therapeutic about Korean for me. I feel at ease when I’m poring over books and learning something new. Okay I probably come across as geeky but who cares.

It’s actually getting harder to find time to do such things so please don’t think I’m super hardworking and studying Korean everyday. I just realised how long I have not been working hard when I used my mechanical pencil today and the rubbery grip was actually sticky (likely due to a lack of use) sigh.

Been using the KBS 한국어능력시험 book for the past couple of months and made quite some progress (over the many months….). I actually bought this book in 2011 or so and I’m pleased at much I can comprehend now compared to then. I really like this book as it’s actually a preparatory book for the Korean language proficiency test that KOREANS take. It’s really quite high level and the reading part consist of a lot of poems (questions will test you on your understanding) and literary passages.

I used to dislike poems as a student but Korean always have the amazing ability to make me like anything lol. Love how this book is making me actively read the poems and actually be interested in analysing them.

Self-studying is all about making use of any and every available resource. Sure, I don’t have a teacher who goes through the poem with me (actually I don’t think even in Korean classes they do it?) but I have youtube.

I used to google (name of poem) (name of poet) 해설 to get the analysis and quite a number of times I’m brought to this youtube channel! There are actually quite a number of such youtube channels that have these online classes / lectures type of videos. Have previously introduced a great one for Korean history and this one would be good for literature!

He’s pretty funny and has that dry sense of humour that I do appreciate. Explanations are clear and easy to follow 😀

The above video link is for the poem I read today – 곽재구, <사평역에서>

Learnt a couple of things and now have a clearer idea of what the poet was writing about.


Slightly ashamed that I have stopped looking at Korean history (both modern and ancient) for quite some time. D: Sigh TIME.

Something potentially exciting might come my way soon <3 Here’s hoping for the best!

Have a good week everyone

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  • Reply
    18 May, 2015 at 10:16 PM

    I always like reading your posts! Reading about your passion for Korean language make me feel more motivated (:

  • Reply
    18 May, 2015 at 10:41 PM

    It is a beautiful language so I understand why it would be an obsession. And as far as obsession go, there is many other worse things one could be obsessed with!

    No, I totally understand Korean being therapeutic but I won’t get into my tale of why I find it that way.

    It’s amazing what resources one can find with just a click of a button. They are out there if one decides to look! 😀 Which means I really don’t have an excuse not to be studying right this moment… ^^;;

  • Reply
    19 May, 2015 at 1:50 PM

    You’ve found something you love if you can’t bring yourself to let it go for long! 🙂

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