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The power of words

I like writing, even though I am not very good at it. I don’t have the linguistic flair nor the eloquence but I like how putting down my thoughts in words forces me to reflect and learn. This is probably why I have been keeping a blog for so long. 

I use social media but I hate how we are now so used to short sentences, abbreviations so common on such platforms and how our attention span has shortened significantly. I am probably also guilty of avoiding lengthy discourse and instead looking at infographics or “10 things you should know about xxx” type of posts. Most writing on social media tend to have a narcissistic bent, either acting all hipster/cool or just angling for approval or upvotes (perhaps this post is also guilty of that). A lot of time, we are writing with an audience in mind and perhaps we have forgotten how it is like to write a diary. These days, I am toying with the idea of getting one (something I have not tried) but I am afraid that I would pour in too much negativity. One thing good about writing a blog that it acts as a check and balance against full blown negativity  – you would unlikely vent and write all your deepest thoughts and yet it is still quite personal compared to Facebook etc. 

I digressed. I just wanted to write down something that happened today. I am usually not good at verbalising thoughts and emotions so I was rather taken aback when someone expressed his gratitude and appreciation for the help that I have given over the past months. But me being me, the surprise probably showed on my face and I kind of glossed it over (while being super touched in my heart). Can’t deal with emotions of any kind hahaha. >< I might have taught him a lot (?) but I think he taught me the last lesson – the importance of verbalising thoughts and the importance of showing appreciation. 

I am really very pleased to have met that group of people (: People who have taught me a lot, who made me realise what it means to think from the perspective of the other party and what it means to say that we understand. Not to be quick to judge, but to embrace diversity. 

I think I received a lot of positive energy today. ^^


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