The less I blog…

29 January, 2013

the more time I have for Korean 😛

Of course it doesn’t mean that all the time I don’t spend on the blog will be used so wisely, but hey, at least it’s gonna be more potential studying time right?

I’m currently reading a few pages of stuff in Korean. And it will not do for me to take a day to read through the whole thing when it will take me maybe 15 mins to scan through in English. I can’t stand the fact that I can’t scan stuff in Korean. D:


And I still aim to finish reading 308 pages of … stuff within the week. Wish me luck.

I have a lot to do.

This will be a good judge if I can really juggle between all these stuff. 😀

I foresee that I will have to sacrifice something. Most likely sleep and my social life.

hahahaha. Not that the latter is existent in the first place 😛

      1. no idea, actually. D: I just want to get better and better, but there’s no end goal to it, nor is there a reason why I must be so good in Korean

    1. It’s all good, just don’t forget about us here at hangukdrama :p
      Good luck with everything!! Maybe our social lives are here 😀

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