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The grass on the other side

As usual, I’ll start the post by apologising for my absence and the lack of substantial content for the past months.

It’s a Saturday night. I’m at home doing some e-learning module (I feel like I’m back in school :’)) while listening to song covers online. Trying to make the best of the (busy) circumstances and feeling thankful that I’m still able to enjoy some comforts in life. At least I’m lounging on the sofa with my MacBook instead of aching all over in front of the desk. Best purchase for lazy people like me.

As usual, I shall try to ignore the voice in my head telling me how much I would rather be studying languages now. As for why I’m blogging now, that’s because I got distracted on Facebook. A close friend shared a linguistics-related article on FB and suddenly I’m reminded of how much I love languages, linguistics and a good discussion on related topics. It’s like a sudden rush of motivation and interest and I could feel my mood change.

It’s funny. Because when I was doing linguistics, sometimes I would just yearn to do something different and to learn something outside of the discipline. But now that my life kind of revolves around something entirely different (which I had yearned back then hahaha), I start to wish that I’m back in linguistics. -.-

Guess I’m one of those that always feel that the grass is greener on the other side. I do admit that increasingly, I find it difficult to feel content about the present. Always living in the past or the future.

`I feel quite bad about not being able to write much about languages and learning. But I really can’t write about something that I have not been doing. hahaha.

ok back to e-learning. 🙂

p.s. the next language-related thing that I have to do is the HSK (Chinese proficiency test) coming up in July. hahahahaha I’m so dead for that because I’m so bad at writing Chinese by hand…. the comforts of being able to just type in Hanyu Pinyin lol.

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    27 June, 2017 at 2:04 AM

    Ahhh, that’s such a shame you feel this way! I hope you find some inspiration to continue with your work or even branch into the linguistics! I know I know, realistically speaking, it is too idealistic for me to just say “just follow your dreams” but maybe you could use the languages you have learned in your daily life and work? I am sure that some day, there will be a chance to do so! If you don’t mind me asking, what are you studying on that e-learning module? Also, have a nice day!!! 🙂

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