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The couch potato life

This is a random rambling post cos my brain is too tired for any coherent essays.

I’m a couch potato. When I’m working, it’s just changing to an office chair instead of the sofa ?. When I’m home, I’m either on the bed or sofa. 

The sedentary lifestyle, coupled with eating outside (oily food!) is making me gain weight. :/ I don’t know how OLs can look pretty, bright and slim. All I’ve managed is to look increasingly tired, bloated, swollen, bad tempered. 

The other day I went for yet a shorter haircut (must be 受刺激), so I look even more fierce and unapproachable. Which might be a welcome change from looking too naive and 만만해. 

In a lame bid to become healthier, I decided to get a fitness tracker HAHA. Ok I mean there’s really no link but I’ve always been a very gadget girl >< Much to the detriment of my wallet. But as usual I cave in. 

I realised that I’m really not the kind to do loads of research before I purchase something. I do read up about what I’m buying (especially when it is more than 80 dollars), both to justify the purchase and also to simply learn more about which brand/product to get and compare deals. But.. I cannot read too much. Because my conclusion would always be that there is usually no one product way better the others at the same price range and different people have differing experiences too. For every one good review, there is probably one not very good one and a terrible one. So in the end, the decision is up to me. 

Part of the joy of purchasing the product lies in that spontaneity and (personally), if I over think and over agonise over the cheapest method / shop, it takes that joy away. I try not to purchase stuff online, since I’m too impatient to wait for it and worse is when there are delivery issues. I get really pissed haha.  

One of my pet peeves is tardiness and people / things who screw up schedules Hahahaha. Ok … I know I don’t have the best personality. >< 

In any case, the tracker is mainly to remind me to stop being a potato and move. Don’t underestimate my ability of just lying / sitting down for the whole day. I get restless when I’m working but if I’m just reading or watching dramas, try peeling me off the sofa 😡

I have also troubles with really long and annoying dreams every day where I get pissed in my dreams 😡 이 더러운 성격. Yeah, so I kinda wanna track my sleep. Hahahaha. The first day proves to be abysmal – the proportion of deep and light sleep HAHA. For those who are using trackers, let me know how does your sleep pattern look like! (: 

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    19 May, 2016 at 9:35 AM

    have you been to the night markets in Taipei ? during peak hours, you will see seas of girls, women, office ladies, college girls. Almost none of them is round shaped. It must be the red tea they drink. they drink it hot and cold. the night markets sell it too.

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    20 May, 2016 at 1:46 AM

    Which fitness tracker did you buy?

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    20 May, 2016 at 12:59 PM

    hahaha i think we have the same spontaneous habit when it comes to shopping. yolo~~~ LOL

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